Asiwa the first is the ruler of Numidia from 2660 BC to 2634 BC, she was the last member of the the 2nd Dynasty in Numidia, she was credited for many economic projects that helped to grow it's economy, and famous for it's relationship with Pharoah Dagt.

Early life: Edit

Still debated between many historians, Levy put her birth date in 2679 BC, her Father Messinssa was struggling to rule the nation and didn't care about her, while living in a castle, servants noticed her ambitions to impress Messinssa.

She was educated by the greatest philosophers in it's time, teaching her music, art, philosphy, agriculture and politics, this did lead to a capable and a competant queen capable of being a heir to her father's domain.

Taking the rule: Edit

After her father's death,the ambitious queen sits on the throne aiming to fix her country's economy, that was strugling due to years of civil unrests, civil wars, and raiding tribesman, the first action that she tooked was openning trade with Egypt and Mionia, keeping the trade rout alive, she was forced to wage war against the tribes but her army was just not ready for this conflict, so she just gived the tribes a peace treaty that gived them more benefit.

After 4 rough years, the economy of the empire starts to stabilise.

The relationship with Dagt: Edit

After a visit to improve relationship with Egypt, historians records that she felled in love with Dagt,but the first sexual contacts between the two was the night of 24 December in 2654 BC.

In a dark day at Siga, the queen kissed the pharoah, after falling in love with him, Dagt share the seem feelings with her........................After a night full of wine, Dagt realise that his time is limited right now hoping that his next great wise son will fullfill his wish to make a great Egyptian Empire

Death: Edit

Khufu was born, Dagt and Asiwa were very happy that their dream of a true family has become reality, wanting to take care of her Son, she gived important Administration roles to her cousin, Akiwa, the last one rebelled against her rule,openning the way for the battle of Tizzi plains, wich saw the courage that was possessed in the heart of this queen, even though she lost an eye, she continued fighting valiantly, until she died later on giing tears to her husband's eyes, Dagt.

Legacy: Edit

The queen cultural impact was huge on the history, while giving rebirth to numidia, she was accused by some of giving the land to the imperialist egyptians.

Movies: Edit

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